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Dear Sir or Madam,


In calendar week 51/2017 we have inventory of wires and spare parts.

Orders of wires and spare parts from 18th December 2017 to 22nd December 2016 can NOT be processed and delivered.


Please place your orders about spare parts and wire, until 15th December 2017 to avoid any inconveniences.

Since our suppliers have closed until 2nd January 2018, please check your inventory / material stock you need for spare parts and wire, to avoid unpleasant situations. Please use the opportunity to order the required materials.

From  27th December 2017 on orders will be processed and sent again. We will send urgent spare parts also in week 51.

Thank you for your understanding! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your DSI-Team

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- We offer you laser welding in all areas (tool- and mold making, machine-, power plant and car body construction etc.) and especially on broken classic car parts
- Laser welding and training courses


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